Company Profile

JK Capital is serving as a business funding company in the Philippines that is serving the financial needs of small businesses in the Philippines. The financing company was established in 2014 to provide flexible short term, unsecured loans to companies primarily in the wholesale, retail, service and construction industries. By providing swift financial solutions, we aim to help them actualize their goals and ambitions. We believe there is a vast underserved market of business owners who do not have any access to sustainable and reliable financing. When they do have access, owners face lengthy and trivial loan applications and harsh underwriting practices that turn away many capable small businesses. We’re here to help.

Our Mission

Seeing ourselves as goal architects, we deliver business funding as form of financial solutions to help facilitate the goals and ambitions of small businesses.

Our Vision

We envision a financial market serving the small businesses of the Philippines in a way that promotes long term economic and social sustainability.

We envision a financial market serving the businesses of the Philippines in a way that promotes long term economic and social sustainability.

About Our Business Loan

Our business loans are specially designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing business financing solutions in the Philippines for additional working capital for business expansion and acquisition requirements.

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For a client who submitted complete requirements turn-around time for Loan Approval is seven (7) working days for Business loan
Loanable amount is Php 100,000.00 to Php 10.000,000.00. However, the approval of the business loan dependends on the Credit Committee's evaluation.
The business loan terms will vary on the approval of your business loan. We have a minumim and maximum of 6months to 1 year term depending on the approval of our Credit Committee.

For secured loans, we have flexibility of 12 months to 24 months.
Yes, JK Capital does accept collateral to enhance the credit application
Vehicle must be at least:
= < 5 year old for private vehicle/ cars;
= < 8 year old for trucks and buses
Vehicle for collateral must be under the client's name
- Checkbook (Corporate checking account needed if client is a Corporation)
- Personal checkbook for security check (Principal borrower and co-borrower for security check)
- Deposit slip dated upon claiming of the loan (any amount will do)
- 2 Original Government Valid IDs of both borrower and co-borrower (same as last presented)
For legal purposes, in case the client fails to deposit any of his/her checks.